lunes, 9 de noviembre de 2009


     Yes I do, I do feel wrong for not beeing the one instead. I am upset for not going close to you before that guy.

     I am upset.

     At you for pretending being worried or concerned about getting laid, but yet giving in. And worst: not feeling any kind of sorrow on it. Which refers to that pretention of you.

     Lying, anyaws.

     I'm upset cause it doesn't really annoys you. Not even a little. And me who believed. Look who's beeing naive now. And kiddish. All those nights, calls, letters, and short messages telling me you wouldn't let anyone in, cause no one deserved your trust. That night containing myself -and containing you also, as if it was not enough-. And maybe you did not lied consciously. Maybe you're weak enough to surrender flesh. Maybe confidence doesn't suits you. Maybe you will falter, everytime I'm not by your side. Which would be the rest of your life.

     Maybe not. Hope so. But not today. Sadly I don't care right now.

     I should've known. Since that sleepless night.

     I should have known, since the moment you told me "Okay, you may come in".

     In an attempt to dim my aggresiveness to you, I shall say...<Connection interrupted>

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