jueves, 29 de marzo de 2012

Falling in love (yet again).

    Yes I was thinking of leaving this building without writing about her, but I better transcript now that it is fresh.

    I have just stumbled upon ...her. It's easier when you just call her "her".

    I am searching carefully through my vocabulary, not to praise her in an subjectively manner, but It's being harder than I expected. Let's see: amazing, blasting, glowing, dazzling, charming...
     A little bit of all, yet none of them in full. These were the adjectives among I was looking for the one.

     Meh, I just missed it.

     Anyways... Guess I'll just describe the facts.

     It happened really quick. I was looking at some books in a table of the so called "book fair" which, for this time, seems to be permanent and not temporary –as I has assumed in the first place, since at the beginning of the semester, there was a lot of students wandering around.
     It happened as a snap. I just looked up not to miss the stairs and avoid colliding anyone, and there she was. Right in front of me.
    Like a series of photograms, I can describe micro episodes that for sure will stay in my mind quite a long period. The first thing I saw, were her legs. Gosh, what a beautiful tan*. They're are so aesthetic, that resemble two pieces of wood carefully, and patiently carved by hand. Then I saw her jean skirt. Ending slightly above her knees, almost reaching the half of her thighs. The picture of them got my mental libido engine, up and started. With just that stamp in my mind, I can generate as many different stories, ending in so different –yet intense– ways. Then, the immediate second photogram –and the most delightful vision I've had in a long time... her face... There she was, full and glowing, right in front of me. Those beautiful caramel eyes, with their intricate texture, right behind the crystalline beauty of her corneas. A slight blue layer of eyeshadow added a mystical touch of blue to that smooth clear skin of her, making the freckles under her eyes to resemble pebbles covered by this light blue imaginary ocean, gently breaking waves below her eyes. Then her hair, as thin as a delicate veil made up of arranged silk threads colored as high quality cocoa. I was absorbed by her beauty, lost in my contemplation, when after some milliseconds I finally understood who this girl was, why a sudden feel of knowing her from sometime in my past, had come. By the moment I smiled as the awareness came to me, I noticed, she had been holding my sight all the way. The milliseconds employed, not only did she notice me (being in fact in front of her and almost crashing on her) but, they passed to get her recall that we had crossed words the day before (and sights, many other times), and so, she politely ripped me off my abstraction and told me: "Ciao!". I had no further reaction, than just feel complete, knowing that she had remembered me. The smile at the beginning –just for looking at her– went bigger. She hadn't ceased looking fantastic everyday, but in that moment –that instant– she just looked amazing, as never before. Just as soon as she told me «ciao», she disappeared. I rushed upon the stairs, since somehow I managed to see that she was heading towards the door leading to the inner garden in the building, but when I climbed up, she was gone! The complete panorama of a magnificent piece of art, was gone. I inspected the view, and was able to spot her, walking under the gently rain in such a romantic picture, that honestly I find it hard to ever forget.

     Such is, dopamine ...and now I'm in love · · · 

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